Speedometer for your Mobile
Speedometer for Android

Speedometer for Android


A simple and accurate GPS based mobile speedometer for your android phones, tablets and other android devices. Your phone has a GPS that can turn it not only a navigation device, but a speedometer as well. Download Speedometer and experience yourself.

Speedometer Features

  • Display analog or digital speedometer.
  • Shows speed in both km/h (kilometers per hour) as well as mph (miles per hour).
  • Also shows speed in other units like knots, meters per second and feet per second etc.
  • Works both in portrait and landscape mode
  • Easy to switch units (kmph to mph for example)
  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to configure

Speed Alarm

Speedometer includes a speed alarm that beeps when you unintentionally over speed. Save yourself from traffic tickets and enable this alarm. Features include

  • A configurable speed alarm.
  • You can set an alarm speed. The phone will beep when you go beyond that speed.
  • Easily turn-on and turn-off the alarm
  • Easily change alarm speed to suit your need
  • Very easy to configure, enable and disable.

Supported Devices

Runs on almost all Android phones and Android tablets running google’s Android operating system version 2.3 or later.

Download now from Google Play Store.