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Speedometer Features

This app is a GPS Speedometer for your smartphone and tablet. The features include:

  • Analog and digital speedometer based on your mobile phone's built in GPS
  • Supports both Kilometers per hour (km/h) as well as miles per hour (mph) speed scales.
  • You can change this scale any time.
  • This mobile speedometer also features a speed alarm. Set a speed cap and your phone will warn you.
  • You can enable or disable alarm
  • Great design and easy to use application on all popular mobile platforms.


Features in detail


This mobile GPS speedometer features a fully functional speedometer with both analog as well as digital speed display. Analog meter shows speed just like your car's speedometer using a dial and a needle. Digital speedometer will show current speed in digits.

Speed Alarm

You can set an alarm for a specific speed. As soon as you go beyond that speed, the alarm will start buzzing. It will alert you if you go beyond your speed limit. You can have many possible ways you can use this alarm. See following section.

Where to use?

Either you are in a bus, train or any other public transport and wonder what is the current speed of this vehicle, Speedometer to your rescue. Just launch the app, wait for a couple of seconds for the GPS to lock and you are ready to go.


Please do not use the app while you are driving. If you want to change settings or modify the alarm, first park your car on the road side and then operate your mobile phone. Using mobile phone while driving is dangerous for you and other people on the road.